and then they were white (part 1)

living room :: july 2012
 living room :: july 2012
living room :: july 2012
living room :: july 2012
living room :: july 2012
living room :: july 2012
living room :: july 2012
living room :: july 2012
i just had to take some final room shots before the packing and the boxes and the empty shelves came out to play.

the walls went from sunny yellow to milky white just before the infamous lay off.  i had planned to finish up the lampshade and paint the coffee table white before sharing the end result.  (but instead i will have a whole new home to decorate, right?)

here is my final capture of this living room.  tomorrow i will share the dining room.  if you have any questions, i can hopefully answer them in that post.

also, can i just tell you how much i love y'all?  thank you for celebrating and mourning with us.


chambanachik said...

I'm drooling over your sweet place!

Bec said...


Pparker7 said...

Wow!  What a great job you did!  You certainly have a knack for decorating!  I can see why you hate to pack it up.  Praying for you and your sweet family as you move on to greater things!

Mary_Krause said...

i LOVE the creamy wall color.  
may i ask what you used?
we just painted our dining room a milky white, too, and i love it!

i know that wherever God places you,  you will make it beautiful.
you have such an amazing gift. :)

Hejfranmig said...

beautiful either way.  i can understand your mixed feelings ... and i wish you and your family much good health and happiness on your journeys.


Meg said...

Will you be taking your beloved door knocker?

megan@contentedsparrow said...

it's no wonder your home sold right away.  it's stunning.  and, yes, praying you'll be able to leave with hope in your heart for what lies ahead.  let me know, friend, where you're headed!!!

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