the 4th of july (aka our last holiday here)

does that sound a bit dramatic?
i am feeling a bit dramatic.  but maybe with good reason.  it really was the last holiday we'll spend in this house.



can you even handle the cool factor of luca here?  it is standard in every.single.picture we take.
i can barely contain myself each time he strikes that pose.


we met my parents and brother (near the jimmy johns i worked at freshman year of college!).  enzo was over the moon thrilled when handed a free flag to wave.  you would have thought he had never been given anything before in his life.  and wave it he did.  oh the cuteness of his chubby fist pumping the stars and stripes while dancing on that sidewalk.  

this boy came prepared.

so, so, so hot at the parade.
after the first 10 minutes, we all wanted to go home.  except for gia.  she loved every minute of the sweltering, uncomfortable, not terribly exciting afternoon.

 perhaps the highlight for my kiddos.

this may have been the tastiest watermelon i have consumed.

we had a little going-away block party in the afternoon and i didn't take any photos!
but it was really very nice to visit with some neighbors once last time.

fourth collage
we were the only four who made it to the fireworks.
again, gia was oh so excited.  her enthusiasm and non-stop commentary made the night.  sweet little phrases like, 
"oh, that was a surprise."
"ooooh, fairy dust is falling all around us.  isn't that wonderful?"

again, i could barely contain myself.
my littles just make this mama heart swell.


so thankful for what we have been given.
happy (belated) 4th of july, friends!


Aliciaahutchinson said...

i know that feeling's like everything is bittersweet. just remember that home is where your peeps are and that can  be anywhere...a box even...but that would be really cramped. you get the idea ;) xo, a

Deanne said...

what a great way to spend the last holiday at home! The pictures are wonderfully fun!

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