hey there.
i've missed you, friends.
here is a peek at our last month via instagram.

(oh yeah. i created an account.  i'm @annaleahart.  now that i have almost constant access to jesse's iphone, i thought i would play with instagram.  it is fun.  don't tell my phone of average intellligence in case it gets jealous.)

also, it seems the girlie has been camera shy?
i think more like she is a busy little gia-bee and not around when i grab the phone from jesse.

jesse has been a mad interviewing machine, but still no job.
some good leads though.
a few road trips to new-to-me cities.
 southern illinois was super beautiful.
fort wayne was way cooler than expected.
the new friends in both cities were amazing.
i want to have another lunch with lauren and dan.
i want to go back to indiana and this time actually see miss jessi.
she connected us with her people and it was incredible.
two neat churches.

next week brings more traveling and more interviewing.
jesse and i are leaving on a jet plane to sunny albuuerque.
and, yes, we get to stay with ruth and co.
i am so excited to hug that lady.

blogging friends have made this journey so much easier.
we have seriously found like minded people near every job opening.

but have you noticed i have not mentioned anything local?
yeah, it is becoming more and more certain that we are not staying in champaign.
we might even have our house on the market in less than a month.

we've tried to take time for family fun.
backyard camping and state park hiking.
time in the potager and trips to the library.
basically things that are free, 'cause that's how you roll when you have no income.

it has truly been a rollercoaster of emotions here.
have i mentioned the 5 migraines in 3 weeks?
not fun.
my stress level might just be a little high.

at the end of all this, we will be just fine.
our home is wherever we are together.
our God is with us always and we are offered so many opportunites to cling to Him during this process.

but i can't promise it won't involve a few more panic attacks. . .



Mary@FindingHealthyHope said...

gonna keep on praying!
i've been there, girl. :)
God has a perfect plan.

Peggy said...

Just wanted to let you know I've been praying for you all!  But Ft. Wayne??? You would only be an hour away as we live directly south in Kokomo.... and Albuquerque... oh my I love that city!  It is truly lovely and talk about some wonderful people too (and if you have the opportunity have a bowl of green chile with sopapillas & honey for dessert... truly delicious stuff!)

Thank you for sharing with us!

Laura Robey said...

Thanks for the update and the super sweet pictures. I have been praying for you the last few days. Central Illinois' loss if you move. :(

nicole i said...

peace be with you...enjoy the journey...or shall i say journeys!

Emily @ said...

hoping your summer turns bright and cheery! looks like you are off to a good start! i always thought i was the only one that had strongbad sings. :)

Roxanne_engstrom said...

love you girl, praying for wisdom from Him

lora said...

praying for you all!!!

Jamie Skaates said...

Your family is so sweet, I love the curls!! 

Praying for peace during this roller coaster time!

Jodi said...

Love your photos! I hope you continue to find some stress-free time to camp, garden, hang out with friends, etc. So sad you will most likely be leaving C-U.

Melissa said...

All shall be well because our God is good.

Cailanmatthews said...

Lovely collection of pics, even lovelier perspective of the adventure your on.  Glad to know you are well : )

Philothea said...

just wanted to say I am praying

Annie said...

You are on my heart and in my prayers. His providence is so good! Praying for peace, patience and an abundance of trust!

Deanne Marie said...

So I just started following you. What fun stories you have to share and what a beautiful family you have. :) I'll be praying that you guys find the right place at the right time. Remember 2 Cor 1:3-5!

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