ten on ten (may 2012)

ten on ten (may 2012)
ten on ten (may 2012)ten on ten (may 2012)
ten on ten (may 2012)
ten on ten (may 2012)
ten on ten (may 2012)
ten on ten (may 2012)
ten on ten (may 2012)
ten on ten (may 2012)
ten on ten (may 2012)
  1.  good morning beauties! what a sight to start the day.
  2. grumpy luca.  enough said.
  3. post-garden bath.  she was quite the potager helper this morning.
  4. chocolate covered pomegranate seeds!!!
  5. lunch in bed makes the boy a little happier.
  6. post rest-time backyard play begins.
  7. fish tail braiding session.
  8. papi's home!!!  isn't he handsome?
  9. easy back of the lot access for the thirsty potager and water gun fights.
  10. hot air balloon spotting.  and enzo's new favorite thing ever!!!

did you join in for ten on ten this month?  will you leave a link in my comments, if so?  i would love to stop by your place and check out your set. 

don't forget to visit rebekah and check out the other ten on ten folk.
(and take a peek at her beautiful newborn zeb-baby!)


Jennifer Gough said...

love the yellow and green tones in your photos

Andreabell06 said...

I LOVE the bath tub one. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Great set!

Mckenzie said...

love that tub shot!

Amy Bramer said...

oh yes, that tub shot really is just perfect. what a great glimpse into your day. and ps-- i wanna see a hot air balloon! i did my ten today-

the land of ozmabomb said...

i adore the hot air balloon!
here's my ten on ten.  love this little monthly project!http://ozmabomb.blogspot.com/2012/05/ten-on-ten.html

Kate said...

I've found inspiration on your blog [many times] and always love your photos.   I participated in the ten on ten yesterday too. 

thelittlegrayhouse said...

Beautiful photos. The fishtail braid...I never mastered it. Here's my link for Ten on Ten http://thelittlegrayhouse.blogspot.com/2012/05/ten-on-ten-may-2012.html

Oh, and I am DYING to see the new white walls. Share soon!!!

Mel @ The Larson Lingo said...

Love the fish tail braid...so impressive!
Loved your set...looked like you had a beautiful day!
I did 10 on 10 also! :)

Rachel Erlandson said...

Great set!  The bath shot is too cute!

Kiki said...

Wow, what an incredible set! And I agree with Rachel, that bath tub shot is adorable. And I love your blog header, too!

Maxine Johnson said...

Love the bath shot!!!!  my hubby would love that purple shirt

Stephanie Lockwood said...

Beautiful family!  Is that the back of your house? It looks so peaceful!!  Love the new blog. :)

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