one more thing for may (and a vlog)

thanks to my lil' sidekick for helping out with that vlog.
here are details in written form. . .

yesterday i posted some of the expected for the coming month.
(i stress expected, because life is chock full of unexpected, no?)

well, i left one thing out.

in the coming weeks, you'll be seeing new words in that header up there.
i am changing the blog name!

when i transitioned from our hartbeat (the original blog name), annalea hart was a place holder.
at the time i just knew our hartbeat had run its course and with the domain change, a new name was needed, but i was stumped.  this last year was unexpectedly full. (see, there is that word again.)  creativity ran dry when it came to a new name and, frankly, i was not too concerned with it.  but having a self-titled blog is a bit awkward at times and i have been hoping inspiration would strike all on its own.

and last week it did.

be on the lookout for the new name.
i won't give a firm date on it until i am closer to a reveal.

questions for you:
if you blog, how did you choose the name?
did it come to you easily or was it a process?
do you feel it still reflects you and your focus?
have you ever changed a blog name?  if so, why?


gracelaced said...

Really? I'm excited for you! Ironically, I've always LOVED that your blog is self-titled, and had thought about changing mine at one point, but my name just doesn't have a ring to it like yours does. :) I'm sure it will be fab no matter what name you choose! Congrats on having inspiration!

Grant J. Clifford said...

Loved seeing you and Gia!!  :)  She's so sweet.
Yes, I was just thinking about the whole blog name thing recently.  Mike's blog (when it was just his) used to be self-titled and that was fine since we were advertising him as an author.  Then last year, he re-vamped the whole blog and changed the name to A New Impressionism (a clever comparison of the Impressionist painters to indie writers of today -- accepted by the public rather than by the establishment).  Now that we share the blog though and I add so much of my own random content, the name doesn't quite fit.  But we've basically decided to keep it anyway because we really like the title logo that we created.  ;)Anyway, I'm excited to see what new fun-ness you come up with!
Love you!!

nicole i said...

okay, you are too stinkin' cute and that sidekick of yours is too!  a new name. oh my.  can't wait.  blessings abounding to you and your hartbeat!

Mary@Finding Healthy Hope said...

this is funny, because the other day i was reading your blog and i thought...i like her fits well for a blog name.  mary krause just wouldn't sound cool, you know?  :)
but that being said, i LOVE to create, and there is no better feeling than having a surge of energy and fresh inspiration.
so excited for you!!!
my husband and i came up with my blog name, and i am very content with it.  at first, i intended on promoting our health and wellness business{healthy hope} and then sharing the Gospel{Healthy Hope}, but then God changed directions for me.  He is the center of it all, and i wouldn't have it any other way!
He is my Healthy Hope...i am so grateful that i don't have to search for hope and happiness in this world, because He grants it all to me so freely and completely
sorry for the novel...xoxo :)

Lucy said...

I had a few blog titles over the last decade or so, but my current title came about because we all love rainbows and when I asked the kids to think of something we all love, they came up with that idea.  I love the symbolism, as rainbows are made from sun and rain, and that makes me think of life - how good and bad combine to make beautiful lives.  So it was like about 5 minutes of work.  I always wonder about self-titled blogs - it would be interesting to know what made you feel it no longer works.

Suzanne said...

Lurker coming out of hiding! 

I can totally relate to the struggle for finding a new name. I originally started my blog to communicate about a medical condition that no longer exists (yay!) so when I changed it.. I felt like every creative part of my brain just DIED. Although I'm happy with my new blog name, I was so surprised with how unnatural it was for me to get there! :)

Looking forward to seeing yours.. Also, I agree with the others, I've always thought that your name is the perfect title for a blog. Ha. Grass is always greener..

Alicia @ La Famille said...

oh annalea...why aren't you my neighbor? you are so darn wait, you're gorgeous!
i picked my blog name because i love the french language and i wanted it to reflect what i'm all about: my family. la famille. only regret is that everyone says it wrong, but oh well. i'm so glad i didn't call myself something like: homeschooling with the hutch's or crafty crafty alicia or pigeon-holed. i don't want one label. i'm a family blogger. life blogger. whatever. i'm sure you chose a great name. but i love annalea too :) xo, a

Gina Norman said...

I think Contemplating Beauty came to me because simply I am always looking for beauty in my everyday life, and in all my circumstances. I am overcome with the beauty that is that sometimes I am left speechless. Things like birds that are perched, or the way someone might talk to me gently or my relationship with my daughter and most importantly my relation with God. Contemplating comes from Thomas Merton and his institute, so I thought that would be fitting since I love him!

Often times I have thought of changing the name because "beauty" in the blog world and in general is overdone, and I think it's sort of long, but I'm just not sure if I'll change it anytime soon, but someday maybe!

Excited to see your new name!

Gina Norman said...

Oh and yes! I think it still does reflect my life and the focus of the blog, at least I hope it does!

jenny said...

Well, I am excited about the big reveal! :)
For me, I thought and thought about what to name my etsy business, and thought of a few names but I didn't just want a name, I wanted a name that meant something, unique to me, and fun. I was sitting on the floor with 3 of my 4 children.  My boys were flying there action figures in the air around me pretending they were robots while my little girl was playing on the other side of me with her tea set. And I jokingly said, "teapots and robots."  It stuck I couldn't get it out of my head. I loved it because it perfectly describes my life as mommy to three little boys and one little girl. Life is CRAZY good!

Jenny said...

Oh, i meant to add in there that my blog came about after I opened my etsy shop...under the same name, Teapots and Robots. :)

annaleahart said...

ha! your comment made me second guess my decision! :)  probably 'cause i value your opinion so.  the self-titled thing at first was neat, but soon felt off. . .

annaleahart said...

i like new impressionism. i think you can make a case for it to fit.  xoxo

annaleahart said...

love you, friend. xoxo

annaleahart said...

oh yes, that surge is quite wonderful.  "healthy hope" is nice! and thank you for the novel.  xoxo

annaleahart said...

what a sweet story!
the self titled thing -  not sure i can give a clear reason for not preferring it, but i do know it felt weird after a while.  i think i wanted something a bit more creative, that would show part of my personality.  this is not a great answer to your wondering.  sorry for the ramble. . . :)

annaleahart said...

hello there!  yay for no more lurking!  and praise Him for healing!
ooh, i don't want this to be a grass is greener situation, but who knows??? :)

annaleahart said...

won't you be my neighbor?  i am singing that song to you right now. (and you are too sweet.)
i have always said your blog name correct.  must be that french minor. ;)  xoxo

annaleahart said...

contemplating beauty seems to fit you, gina.  thanks for sharing your inspiration! xoxo

annaleahart said...

what a neat story and i love your "life is crazy good" attitude.  thanks for sharing! xoxo

gracelaced said...

well...I totally get the awkward thing: "annalea of AnnaleaHart"...I'm excited to hear what you come up with. i'm not sure there'd ever be another annalea hart. but my, the domain's already been taken by a sex therapist. :)

gracelaced said...

I just used the word sex on your blog. sorry! :)

Bon @ A Golden Afternoon said...

Love the name!!! :)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Foodie Farmgirl was already taken and it was after midnight and I'm terribly inept at All Things Technical. I like flowers an awful lot, so..... And now? I feel like it was somehow divinely inspired. (Weird, I know.) I typed it in w/o much thought and in utter desperation. Two and a half years later, I still absolutely love it. It has become "me".

Melissa Foley-King said...

I chose "How I Roll" for a number of reasons. 1) I'm a bookmobile librarian and I was originally going to blog about being a bookmobile librarian but then I changed my mind because I didn't want the library system I work for intruding into my personal blog. Regardless, I'm still a bookmobile librarian and "roll" daily. 2) It's like saying "how I do things." I post about how I make things, how I operate, my life. It's just how I roll :)
It came easily to me.
I think it reflects me but I lack focus so who knows if it reflects that.
I've never changed a blog name. Or an email address. Or a phone number :)

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