cinco de mayo

this mama had a night out!

it was oh so good to spend an evening with great friends and my jesse.
yummy mexican food, karaoke, and laughing so hard we were almost sick.
when you get the party invitation 8 months in advance, you know it will be quite the gathering.

for someone who rarely leaves the house these days sans littles, it was a sweet treat.
two margaritas later and i could barely keep my eyes open on the drive home.
(no worries, jesse was driving!)

thanks mom for giving us a little time away.
and for letting us get home after midnight.



natalie said...

glad you got to get out and celebrate! happy cinco de mayo!

meg said...

YaY! So glad you got out and stayed out! ;) 

Rachel said...

So glad you had a night out! Those are the best times, nights filled with laughter, food and loved ones!

nicole i said...

woot woot.

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