more yeses

gia paints
gia paints
gia paints
gia paints (and enzo watches)
gia paints

my girl loves to paint.
L O V ES it.
she asks for it every morning.
and more often than not, i tell her no.
it is messy and her little brother is crazy and her mama is so tired and it just seems too much.

but i feel my chest tighten with every no.
how much do i really care about the cleanliness of the floors and walls and ceiling?

i know it can't always be yes.
but sometimes. . . more times. . . it can be.

do you have more yeses to give?


Laura said...

What a beautiful budding artist! Probably more yesses to my husband. To be spontaneous, to let the house go messy, to put up the calendar for an evening. I'm by-the-book, need to say yes to adventure more often!

Sheila said...

I was JUST thinking about this the other day.  I feel like a "no" machine and wondered how much of it was because I wanted to be in control of things rather than letting my kids have some serious autonomy and fun of their own.  It was an incredibly convicting moment as I pondered how I was failing to reflect how my Father treats me to my own babes.  Not that there shouldn't be boundaries, but I want my boys to have freedom to just be the precious, special, spectacular young lads they are instead of what's convenient for me....

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