memorial day weekend 2012

 memorial day weekend 2012
memorial day weekend
memorial day weekend
memorial day weekend
memorial day weekend
memorial day weekend
memorial day weekend
memorial day weekend
memorial day weekend
memorial day weekend
memorial day weekend
memorial day weekend
 memorial day weekend
memorial day weekend
memorial day weekend

so it turns out that taking time off for fun in the sun is just what the doctor ordered.  it was a hot weekend and we got creative to beat the heat.  a backyard makeshift waterpark is quite stress relieving.  tell me that picture of jesse on the slip and slide is not just the best. 

my parents came over for a little bbq, supplying us with all sorts of decadent yumminess.  the littles loved the crazy huge gooey messy marshmallows and the adults loved the fruity refreshing sangria.

it also turns out that life hits back hard even at the end of a relaxing weekend.  things might continue to be quiet over here while we are working through this major life transition.  and working through major life decisions and major emotions.

  happy beginning of the summer, friends.
now let's see if we have any sangria left.



lora said...

wonderful photos, annalea! i especially love that last one of your husband. the expression on his face is so full of hope and vision. praying that God will give him the desires of his heart and lead him to the PERFECT job for him that makes his heart happy! and also praying for grace for you and the kiddos as you all go through this transition. in His love, lora

Emily @ said...

Pretty pretty weekend - I do love that water shot and smores make me BEYOND happy. :)

The Housewife said...

BEAUTIFUL pics. They really tell a story. I love that chocolatey face. :) You have a really neat backyard! 

Mary@Finding Healthy Hope said...

LOVE these pictures.
i will pray for you guys.
three years ago my husband lost his very good job.  all in one day.
although the road was tough and long at times, God used that loss to show us how good He is!
now we wouldn't trade it for the world. :)
He has a plan for you guys.  a great one. and He will see you through.

Sheila said...

I love these pics.  I wanted to just quickly let you know I'm praying for you and the family during this time - I'm sure it's a complete emotional roller coaster.  I have a sign on the back of my bedroom door -  "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose imagination is stayed on Thee."  Isaiah 26:3.  Praying this for you and the rest of the Harts....

nicole i said...

these are the memories.  these moments are the gift.  take the gift and blessing. For He bestows you grace upon grace upon grace. kisses to you my friend.

kathy said...

praying for happiness and contentment, more flow than ebb and guidance to deal with it all ... 

Gina said...

What a picture perfect day!

Chris said...

Hi Annalea, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog
is.  Thanks so much for sharing.  I have recently found your blog and am now
following you, and will visit often.  Please stop by my blog and perhaps you
would like to follow me also.  Have a wonderful day.  Hugs,

Jerusalem Greer said...

friend you are on my heart and mind and in my prayers so often lately. all will be well. hang in there dear one. much love- J

Cailanmatthews said...

Love that you had such a good day.  You take the most beautiful pictures.  Missing you this week, and hope you are well.

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