for the love of green onions

 for the love of green onions
for the love of green onions
for the love of green onions

in early spring, i plant my onion sets about 1.5" apart.  this year we have a row of yellow and one of red and, yes, the spacing is much too close for dry onion bulbs.  the whole point of this thick sowing is the oh so delicious green onions we will enjoy a mere 4-6 weeks later.

i gently wiggled and pulled out every other bunch last week while anticipating the delightful dinner to be enjoyed.  the taste of ginger scallion sauce is not easily forgotten.  for the recipe and how-to, see this post over at

for the love of green onions

my basted egg is a bit haphazard.  i am out of practice.  but jesse still liked it, so that is all that matters, right? 
go and make this. soon. your tastebuds will thank me. 


meg said...

gorgeous pictures and a fantastic-lookiung recipe. thanks for sharing! :)

nicole i said...

eggs over rice is one of my favorite go to meals...i love the idea of adding spring onions.

Alicia @ La Famille said...

oh my yumminess!!! you are a good chopper...just look at those perfectly chopped onions! i'll take one :)

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