after a storm

after a storm
after a storm
 after a storm
after a storm
after a storm
after a storm
after a storm
after a storm
after a storm
after a storm
after a storm
after a storm
after a storm

we woke to thunder. 
rain drumming against the windows and a gray sky full of dancing trees met my sleepy no-glasses-on blurred vision.

and i smiled.
morning storms are my favorite.
one of the few occasions i will eagerly wake early to listen and watch.

but the reality is i only enjoy these so much because i know i am safe.
these walls are strong enough to withstand the wind.
the roof and windows are watertight.
i can observe the storm from the comfort of my bed or couch.

life's storms are not so pleasant.
i am stuck in the downpour.
 it is uncomfortable and exhausting.
there is pain and sadness and disappointment. 
and i forget that i am still safe.

i have a Rock sturdier than these earthly walls and He is strong enough to command the wind.

the potager was pummeled by this morning's storm.
i would have cringed to see these tender seedlings bent to nearly breaking.
there was damage to repair and a mess to clean.
there were even some casualties and loss.
but after. . .
after a storm there is also beauty.
the brighter leaves and the stronger stems and the watered roots and the scrubbed air.
these plants survived and will now be the healthier for it.

will you join me in praying for our friends tracy and nate and their newly born babe?
little mateo has had a difficult first week of life and the storm in their lives in still raging.
pray for their eyes to be set on His glory and for this child to bring about great praise.


Grace Laced Mondays


gracelaced said...

Look at your potager! It's so brimming with life! You all get so much more rain than we do...we will see how ours survives the desert! And yes...praying for Mateo and his parents. 

the land of ozmabomb said...

thanks for sharing, annalea!  nature is so beautiful!

Libby Oertel said...

beautiful and oh so true. thanks for sharing, you brought tears!

Tracy Battaglia said...

and now I'm sobbing..... it hurst so much. this is so beatiful. I will not forget I am safe. I will remember. thank you so much for the encouragement this bring to my spirit. I am desperate for Him. He is jealous for me. My blog I'm working on all week from the birth up till update times is actually titled " love like a hurricane" after the david crowder sounds & it's the song I've sung to mateo every time I've held him in my arms to remind him we are bending beneath the weight of God's mercy. It's so ironic your post that encourages me is also in comparison to a storm. I am uplifted. I love you annalea. I love you much more than I can write. thank you

A M said...

thank you for sharing these timely words & thoughts - praying for Mateo, Nate & Tracy in their storm

Mary@Finding Healthy Hope said...

i love the thunderstorms we've been having, too.
the earth just glistens with beauty afterwards.your gardens look divine, and we will be praying for your friends.xo

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