ten on ten (april 2012)

it is no surprise that my first photo today was taken around 1:30pm when enzo finally crashed for his nap.  that is definitely an accurate portrayal of my days.

ten on ten (april 2012)
ten on ten (april 2012)
ten on ten (april 2012)
ten on ten (april 2012)
ten on ten (april 2012)
ten on ten (april 2012)
ten on ten (april 2012)
ten on ten (april 2012)
ten on ten (april 2012)
ten on ten (april 2012)
  1.  enzo asleep on the floor
  2. luca snuggling with clover
  3. chili a cookin' for dinner
  4. fading pink blooms
  5. seedlings sunning on the porch
  6. mega peony bloom
  7. my new enzo-proof watch
  8. leaving for home fellowship dinner prep
  9. our friends were flamingoed
  10. dinner + discussion with our church family

did you join in for ten on ten this month?  will you leave a link in my comments, if so?  i would love to stop by your place and check out your set. 

don't forget to visit rebekah and check out the other ten on ten folk.


thelittlegrayhouse said...

That chili looks amazing!

This was my first Ten on Ten. http://thelittlegrayhouse.blogspot.com/2012/04/ten-on-ten-first-for-me.html

Kelly said...

Great snapshots of your day!  Awesome flowers!

Emily @ PeckLife.com said...

A peony blooming already?! I'm so jealous! Gorgeous!

Brooke said...

These are really great shots!

Mary_Krause said...

super great shots! :)
your shoes a re super cute and that chili looks so yummy!

alicia @ la famille said...

i want that chili!! yum!!

Fairlight Kloxin said...

I'm thankful I remembered around 9:30 and grabbed my camera. :) Thanks for sharing and that peony is so lovely!!! We have a hard time growing them so far south, but I remember and miss them from my childhood so I love seeing others pictures of them.
My 10 0n 10 is here. http://polkadottree.blogspot.com/2012/04/april-2012-10-on-10.html

Kiki said...

Great set! I love the pink flower and pink flamingo photos!

angel gerardo said...

Really nice pictures, great lighting in all of them!
The flamingos crack me up.
Chili looks so yummy!
And awww, love the snuggling friends, so sweet.

twistandsnag said...

love those pics of the flower/plant. Btw, what kind of animal is in pic 2? rat? hamster? rat-hamster?

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