sometimes, usually, ice cream makes things better

this week started off with a bang.  two hart boys needing blood draws.  they are insanely afraid of needles.  so much so that mama hart needed to full body restrain each of them and it still took an hour to finish.  luca cussed out the room in every bad word he could muster, which pretty much added up to stuff like horrible and stupid.  i didn't know if i should laugh or cry.  at the end, one of the nurses gave me a little hug.  "you are doing a great job."  man oh man i was done for the day right then and there.  testing to see if my nose was broken from one of the many punches it received from a darn strong 7yo, i think i may have decided to be done for the week.  i was beyond tired.  my body was physically exhausted and it was monday afternoon.

so we did what many other wise, self-respecting parents in our situation have done.  take the kiddos out for ice cream to celebrate surviving the needles.

it turns out i had a bit more in me and the rest of the week has passed without danger of any more broken noses.  and now it is friday.  if you follow me on twitter or facebook, you might have seen my excitement over this coming weekend.  the nerdy homeschooler in me is enjoying SWR training.  the nerdy home decor enthusiast is anticipating newly painted walls!  man alive, i am just a happy gal.  it more than makes up for the beginning of this week, don't you think?

hope your weekend is full of love and hope and peace of all sorts.

p.s. having access to instagram via jesse's phone almost makes me want one of my own.


Leslie @topofthepage said...

sounds like you survived another week of being a mama. you ARE doing a good job. i've had to hold my buddy down a couple times for blood draws too and that is not fun at all. so i'm glad you have happy rewards coming your way. share the walls please. and yes to instagram. succumb to the peer pressure! do it! ;)

Fairlight Kloxin said...

Oh wow, what a week! You are such a good momma to these little Harts and you certainly served the ice cream!  This mommy-ing business can be tough stuff on certain days. But ever so thankful for God's grace and mercies! :) Hoping your weekend is so much better than your week!

Lacey said...

Oh friend I FEEL your pain.  After two HORRIBLE blood draws with Lily I told Matt he's on lab duty until I feel recovered.  Unfortunately we have to do them every 2-3 months.  So proud of you!  I just barely contained my 2 yr old so a 7 yr old is no small feat!

Mary@Finding Healthy Hope said...

yay! for ice cream, successful doctor visits, freshly painted walls, and home school! :)
have a great time. xo

Cailanmatthews said...

100% agreed about the wondrous merits of ice cream, but that Monday sounds supremely exhausting, dear lady.  Bless your heart for pressing through, and I am seriously tickled to hear you have painting plans in the works - very much love what you've already done with your home : )

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