life right now

potty training. or not.

  • enzo may be potty training.  or he may not.  i am not in a rush.  he is not in a rush.  we'll just see where it takes us.  (but he gets the giggles when on the toilet and it is hilarious.)
  • we finally scheduled luca's birthday party for this coming weekend.  and we are only 5 weeks past his birthday.  which beats last year by two weeks!  progress. . .
  • this friday is our last day for classical conversations.  which is kinda a big deal when you are the local community director.  let's just say it will be a nice break.  (even though we are in the thick of planning for next year.)
  • gia colored on my much loved of copy of pride and prejudice today.  one day, i will look at the purple crayon scribble and smile.  but not today.
  • anyone out there use spell to write and read?  we are planning on implementing it into next year's curriculum.  i will attend training next week and am stockpiling questions to pepper the trainer.
  • why did i not start with this one?  for the first time in 10 weeks, i did not wake up to enzo's elbow in my back and feet in my face.  the boy has not slept through the night since early february, meaning his mama and papi have not slept through the night since early february.  like newborn living all over but with a crazy energetic toddler to care for during the day.  he basically will not fall back asleep unless he is in our bed.  yesterday i caved and came up with a more permanent solution to our perpetual exhaustion.  crib mattress on the floor in our room.  genius, i tell you.  we still put him down in his big boy bed though, because who knows when the cycle will break.  until then we will continue to wake up to his groggy cute face.  at least we won't be crowded out of the bed each night now.  my back and neck will be happy.

so tell me, what does your life look right now?

(i might not be able to reply, but i LOVE hearing from you.  for reals.  i read all your comments and click on all your links.  this crazy tired mama brain of mine has trouble putting two words together half the time though, so please forgive me for not being in touch.)


Lauren said...

It was nice to meet you in person last week at the library. We're still pouring over and discussing the information you gave us. Thank you.

Also, my friend uses that curriculum for her children. I think they really like it.

Peggy Witter said...

I know this time in your life is so exhausting but still enjoy every single moment of it! I love reading about your days as it helps me to more effectively pray for you!  And I must admit I love those curls!

Thehomespunheart said...

Hi Annalea - I love visiting here and and seeing you at Beautifully Rooted too! We had our CC Awards night tonight and every time I do anything like this with CC - it confirms to me what a wonderful program it is. I'll be directing next year - walking right here with you in the preparations. Love reading about life just where it is - thank you for being real and sharing from your heart. Praying another great night of sleep for you tonight. Monica

Sheila said...

 Oh crayons and midnight snuggles :)  It feels like that was yesterday. 
This week it's balancing guitar lessons, crashing computers and losing
school reports, crabby patty kids who do not want to get back to the
school grind after a spring break...all while not trying to freak out
about my upcoming goals (Illinois marathon).  Yay life!  The best part
of my day - a fabulous time of prayer.  Heaven's to Betsy I have no idea
how I would have made it through today without that time this morning

Erin Adams said...

I love this little snippet of life.  And that potty training photo is adorable.
Life sounds good.  The purple crayon situation made me smile & cringe.  Right?  So not cute right now.  But someday, it will be a welcome memory.  
How is life here?  We are actually working through the Spell to Write and Read method!  Gillian is to the moon excited.  She loves having spelling tests & all.  Loves it.  I am really happy with it, too.
The weather turned sunny, after a little bout of stormy weather.  The storms were fun, but now the sun is fun, too.  We went to the park today & went for a neighborhood walk.  I think we were craving the warm.

Mary said...

this was so sweet.

life right now for me is papers, research proposals, presentations, trying to plan a wedding (and life after wedding- eep!), working two jobs, and maintaining relationships (?) 

a little crazy. but let me just tell you, I would be upset if anyone colored on my Jane Austen. 

Nicole Brandt said...

Stella is 18 months. I think we are still a good 6-9 months away from potty training. However we've added an extra item to the changing table/diaper bag: packing tape. She loves to take all of her clothes off AND her diaper. Sometimes with a surprise inside...............

Tammia said...

I really love your blog.  Your honest, realistic look at life with busy kids, your photos, your words.  I don't know you, but I feel like I can enter in just a bit.  My 3 are mostly sleeping through the night, which is beyond wonderful.  But my youngest (she'll be 3 in June) will sometimes intentionally wet (or worse) her pants.  Beyond frustrating.  Thanks for all you encourage in the process.

meg said...

oh seriously, it made me so happy to hear you have a toddler who likes to sleep in your room. We have 2 and it drives the Mr. crazy but they instantly fall back asleep if they can just crash on our floor so i usually cave because sleep is important! :) haha. Anyway, love your blog. Thank you for sharing your life with us :)

Bobbi Battleson said...

I don't have momma stories to share.. but I hope my life insight is still interesting.. I am spending my days trying to balance extra work projects to cover for peoples' vacations and maternity leaves while planning an exciting day where I will see loads of wonderful family and friends and promise to love and honor my best friend for the rest of my life. 30 days to go before the vows! I thought I wouldn't be one of those brides that gets overwhelmed with planning and prep and that I'd get so much done early.. but these days are filled with trips to all the craft stores in town, registry additions and updates, trip-planning, calendar-filling, and dreams about rings being forgotten!

And I can only imagine once I get all these final appointments made and rsvp's registered in the spreadsheet, that it'll all still be magical once the day arrives.. I'm afraid right now, all I will want to do is sleep.. :D  I'm actually SO excited!

cailan said...

Oh, those "aha" moments - they come and go. :)  Love the picture and know all about  the five-week late party thing...thankful for children who can give us grace, too.

ashley schlax said...

this is wonderful. it's so encouraging to hear what a real day in the life of other mama's looks like. right now, i'm stressing over potty training, but haven't started because my boy just doesn't seem ready (and, we've had too many other things going on). today, i'm trying to get my house back in order from the busy weekend, and feel some sense of organization and cleanliness in our little home. all while trying to deal with the toddler that has suddenly developed his will. 

and, trying to be a gracious mama & wife in the midst of it. because i am so blessed to have them.

so glad i found your blog. ♥

Cara said...

Hi sweet lady! I found your blog via Skunkboy Creatures and am SO GLAD that I did! I love finding sisters in Christ who blog; it's like finding a diamond in the rough. I'm your newest follower! xoxo

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