easter bits

easter cake
just bits, because for the most part my camera sat on my dresser.
not enough hands to mama a rambunctious and adorable 2yo little.
not enough energy to chase said little.

um, can you tell i am tired?
it really is a theme in my life.

easter watering cans
rather than baskets, we went the easter watering can route this year.
in addition to the jelly beans, i added a verse in an egg for each of the kiddos, inspired by this post.
and the chocolate bunnies for breakfast were a hit.

we also made resurrection rolls for the first time, so you know we were riding the sugar high all day.

easter walk
i missed our church service on sunday morning in order to stay home with the goo.  we knew he wouldn't make it through the entire outdoor service without sustaining damage to himself or others.

when it was time to go to the backyard potluck afterwards, i just couldn't pull it together.  the fatigue from the week combined with the long morning enzo-wrangling on my own added up to a heart in the wrong place.

i needed some quiet.  jesse drove the littles on his own and i followed on foot.  walking through the neighborhood, taking deep breaths, and praying for peace and perseverance.  it was so good.  maybe the best decision i have made in the last month.

purple tulip goodness

Happy Easter!

face off with the turtle
i arrived to a galloping 5yo princessa running into my arms.  then i spied my littlest facing off to a turtle.  

yummy food, great people, an egg hunt, gorgeous weather . . . a sweet afternoon among our other family.


egg in a tree

egg hunting

found one

He has (really) risen!
i am a bit bummed by the lack of cute kiddo photos.  i might just need to stage a little shoot later this week.  it depends on that whole not enough hands and energy thing.  but the thing is, i am taking care of these babies everyday and that is what is important.  i know y'all are saying a big amen with me right here.

sunlit reminder
this weekend was one of reflection and celebration.

not the "happy, happy" kind.  more of the "gut wrenching, i am so broken yet so thankful for His great love and sacrifice" kind.  a somber and awestruck joy.

He is risen!


Leslie @topofthepage said...

yes, me too in terms of reflection this weekend. any emotion i had was from humble awe of his saving grace and the way the Lord breathes life into things that are dead and dying. i needed that. i love resurrection rolls - fun tradition. though we switched the name to "he is risen rolls" - easier for little ones to say :) we have two red-eared sliders as well...rocky & lily.

Pparker7 said...

Love your thoughts and your pictures.  You take amazing pictures to go with your thoughts.  You have beautiful kiddos - loving seeing pictures of them.  I love your sweet little ideas to share Easter with people passing by your house.  Your an amazing woman!  Wish you were closer so I could give you a hand with Enzo-wrangling.

alicia @ la famille said...

oh sweet thing...sometimes it's those icky days that make us feel most thankful for a Saviour. you are a good mama...a great mama. you homeschool, take care of a house, and keep those stinkers alive...believe me, i know it's not easy. hugs to you, a.

Mary_Krause said...

isn't it comforting to know that He is there all the time, faithful and ready to meet us right where we are? 
sometimes i get so wrapped up in myself and my overwhelming life, that i forget to take advantage of His grace.  i'm so glad that you got some time to reflect and gain strength.
i haven't been around your parts long, but i know that you invest your time and treasure in what truly matters.  you are a blessing to me. :)
i was sorta bummed about pictures, too, but i managed to get a group shot that is okay.  :)
have a wonderful week.  you'll be in my prayers.

meg said...

bless your heart! and i admire you for taking the time to realize that you needed a quiet walk alone. praying for peace and sleep for you this week! thank you for sharing your heart and life.

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