ten on ten (march 2012)

ten on ten (march 2012)
ten on ten (march 2012)
ten on ten (march 2012)
ten on ten (march 2012)
ten on ten (march 2012)
ten on ten (march 2012)
ten on ten (march 2012)
ten on ten (march 2012)
ten on ten (march 2012)
ten on ten (march 2012)
  1. morning cuppa chai (with cardamon cookies)
  2. dance class
  3. ready for their special date to the ballet
  4. snuggly sleepy boy on my lap
  5. pretty calendar
  6. lost their place by the windows, but making the buffet look so nice
  7. hiya clover
  8. dancing mobile
  9. apology cupcake
  10. last minute trip down the street to visit friends for ice cream and a movie!!!

after taking the last few months off of ten on ten , it was neat to get back in to the swing of things.  i am glad to have these small reminders of the ordinary.

did you join in today?  will you leave a link in my comments, if so?  i would love to stop by your place and check out your set.
and stop by sweet rebekah's and visit the other ten on ten folk.


Andrea said...

just beautiful. that second one is my fav. love it.

Megan said...

Beautiful pictures...I love them all, but that last one is just so fun!

angel gerardo said...

Gorgeous shots! I agree too, the last one is so fun and cute and hilarious and GREAT!

Kiki said...

Your first photo definitely caught my attention. Amazing. And I have to say the cupcake looks pretty good, too!

Bjohnson3803 said...

These are great. Love the first three shots!

Jerusalem Greer said...

beautiful images friend.

lora said...

beautiful photos, as always! i cannot believe how big your girl is getting! wow. she's just gorgeous!

Yvette said...

Lovely shots.  That cupcake looks sooo good!

Emily @ PeckLife.com said...

Your photos and blog are so beautiful, happy to find a new read! <3

wildolive said...

That last one is my favorite! Each personality showing through!

Alicia @ la famille said...

girl, you know what you're doing with that little camcam of yours...you seriously do!

Lucky Number13 said...

ahhhh, i love your ten. wasn't it such a beautiful, SUNNY weekend? love the one of your husband and daughter dressed up for the ballet, so sweet. and that calendar...the cupcake...and the last one... : )

katie zabielski said...

i love the last one!!  gia looks like a mini-annalea!

Sarah said...

Your shots are amazing! The dance class photo is so beautiful. Glad you are posting on 10 on 10... I'll be back for more ;)

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