sunday in the potager

sunday in the potager
we spent most of our sabbath in the potager.  it is a most refreshing and relaxing spot for the hart clan.

sunday in the potager
this little guy can spend hours digging in the beds. thanks for adding all those rocks, buddy.

sunday in the potager
the blueberries were unearthed.  the leaf clean-up was intense.  i believe we filled 5 lawn bags.

sunday in the potager
hello unruly raspberry canes. we began building the trellis for you crazy guys this afternoon.

sunday in the potager
gia planted her picked flowers. :)

sunday in the potager
mr. junior park ranger discovered so many exciting things.  he also took care of all wind blown litter.
his training is going well for that future career.

sunday in the potager
she and i played charades.  every time i guessed correctly she exclaimed, "how did you know?"

sunday in the potager
spear making complete.  or just the end posts for that raspberry trellis.  whatever.

sunday in the potager
baby seedlings soaking up the warmth and light.  luca carefully wrote out most of our labels.

sunday in the potager
oh that sun.

sunday in the potager

all of the beds and paths are now leaf and debris free.  the end posts for the raspberry trellis were prepped and placed.  a large pile of sticks now await our first bonfire.

and a family spent the afternoon with fresh air and fresh spirits.

all photos taken with jesse's iphone.  instagram is super fun. (his username is loutrel.)
my phone of average intelligence is a wee jealous.


cailan matthews said...

What could be lovelier than a sabbath spent like this?  Looks so refreshing and just wholesome. : ) Such a sweet family you have. 

Emily @ said...

oh, this post makes me so happy. between breaks of rain yesterday, i managed to clear a few piles of dead leaves in the yard....i felt sooo much better after. :)

M. Clifford said...

Hey Annie!  I nominated you for a Liebster's the link to my blog post where I mention you!

Grant J. Clifford said...

Ooops....I posted that as Mike....sorry!

Mary@FindingHealthyHope said...

looks divine!  i really need to do this, too. :)

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