seventy-five, you felt so swell

seventy five
the oh so fabulous sun beckoned me out to the porch today.  bare feet padding on the not so clean hardwoods.  pots coming out of indoor hibernation and being placed here and there and everywhere and now it feels so alive out there. 

seventy five
pillows were pulled out of the front closet.  just the right amount of cushioning for this gal to swing to and fro.  everything needs to be washed of winter grime, but i just chose to swing and put out pots and walk in bare feet.

seventy five
seventy five
so now it feels like spring and the inside wanted a little pick me up too.  oh yes.

you can see i take changing up the mantel seasonally very seriously.  it is these little swaps that make fluffing my nest doable.  this mama bird takes what she can get.

seventy five
the mood and the weather were contagious, so these two decided to have a tea party outside, while big brother was sleeping off a fever.  water out of miniature glass tea cups tastes oh so delish and cardamom cookies are a sweet companion.  thankfully i captured this little shot before we were locked out of the house.  little 2yo fingers fiddling with an almost 100yo lock doesn't always end well.  but all was good and it gave us a chance to visit with the next door neighbor.  and then luca came to find us.

let's do this again tomorrow, shall we?


Kristy @ See My Footprints said...

oh dear at being locked out but loving all the rest :)
Hope the mending (good bugs for sickness) goes well.

Alicia said...

oh how beauuuuutiful! i love spring! don't you just love it?? all the green?? you've done well here, spreading the spring love my friend :)

cailan matthews said...

You make the daily sound so lovely...I suppose because it really is. : )

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