pi day

pi day

pi day

maybe because i am surrounded by engineers.  or maybe because i am surrounded by homeschoolers.
regardless, who can say no to eating a little pie on pi day?

miss gia made a mostly-by-herself-with-a-little-help-from-mama pie for us to enjoy.  she has dubbed it "yummy nummy chocolate cream."  sounds delish to me.  and it tasted that way too.

tell me, did you eat a slice of pie today?

pi day


Ruth@GraceLaced said...

Your photos are exquisite, Annalea! So fun!

Amber @ life...unscripted said...

so fantastic!
i am glad that there are others that celebrate pi day :)

Peggy said...

I love to celebrate pi day but I must be really out of it because I thought yesterday was the 13th.  How does a person loss a full day when they aren't even sick?  Well aside from seasonal allergies, but how?  LOL that's okay!  I think we will just have to have a belated pi day this weekend when the whole family can be around to enjoy! :)

ariane penrose said...

beautiful images! Tuesday night my son came home from school and said he needed a pie for "Pie Day", pie what?  Never ever heard of the 'day'.  Thank you for the validation :o)

cailan matthews said...

Yummy nummy pie sounds positively dandy - what a doer you are!

Mary@FindingHealthyHope said...

just perfect! :)

Erin Adams said...

what a sweet picture of Gia & her yummy nummy pie.  I would like a slice of that pie! 

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