operation tree fort (back to work)

operation tree fort (back to work)

the 2012 tree fort building season is now in session!  this is exciting stuff, folks.  next up on the agenda is finishing the roof framing and beginning the porch railing.  we'll be bouncing between the two as we need help and longer chunks of time for the framing, meaning weekends.  in the evenings (especially during this crazy warm weather we are having in illinois), jesse will be installing posts for the railings.

we spent some time picking materials over the weekend.  boy was that fun.  siding and shingles and such make this mama happy.  the prices maybe not so much.  but vacations are not really an option for our family at this point in our journey with asperger's and spd-times-two.  i have been lovingly told that this might be the way of things for quite some time.  not only does the investment of building a tree fort give us the neat opportunity to work and learn together, but enjoying the fruit of diy labor in our own backyard is truly a gift.

operation tree fort (back to work)

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Peggy Witter said...

Hello!  Isn't this weather truly amazing!  We have been enjoying the same weather here in north central Indiana. :)  I just wanted to let you know that I've been praying for you especially during those periods of silence.  However I must say I so excited about the renewed work on the tree fort!  It will truly be a blessing, even more than you can ever imagine.  Enjoy!

nicole i said...

you are the queen of staycations so i know "vacations" will have their own magic.

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