meet clover

a birthday surprise
keeping watch
 in his food bowl
a happy boy
this is one happy kiddo.

we surprised luca on saturday afternoon.  an early birthday present in form of a hamster cage.  a few hours later he hand picked this adorable baby black bear hamster at our local pet store.  he has been named clover, which is just right, considering luca will turn seven on st. patrick's day.

we are pretty smitten.  the twitchy nose is a particular favorite.  and he has only escaped once so far!
(from now on, we will triple check that the doors are latched.)


Ruth@GraceLaced said...

I luuuurrrve that name--Clover. Sigh. I'm so not a hamster person, but with a name like that...he's downright adorable. :)

Alicia @ La Famille said...

oh my gosh, so cute! almost makes me want to get a little pet...almost.

Natalie said...

so precious! and gorgeous pictures. you are one sweet mommy.

annaleahart said...

i didn't think i was a hamster person either (and i am not totally convinced yet) but he is growing on me. i even pick him up! :)  but seeing the joy in that boy's face?  makes it all worth it.

annaleahart said...

ha!  i totally get that.  like when i see someone with a dog.  :)

annaleahart said...

thanks, natalie.  he is one sweet boy. :)

Brandygray said...

Too cute!

annaleahart said...

i know! :)

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