the sweet part

there is a good in this unexpected and difficult week.
the oh so sweet part of bittersweet.

uncle jason and his shadow
beautiful relationships growing.
like enzo not being able to get enough of his uncle jason.
and uncle jason gladly accepting the attention.

and the lovely blooming of friendship between two five year old cousin-girlies.
holding hands as they walk around the house.

it had been 16 months since we have seen any of jesse's family and these guys were deeply missed.

today and tomorrow we will be attending services for uncle vernon.
please pray for our health in the coming days.  there is a touch of sickness going around our clan.


p.s. i will be away from the computer most of this weekend, but my first post for beautifully rooted will go up later today, so keep an eye out, okay?  here is a sneak peek. . .


cailan matthews said...

So glad there's a sweet part.  That is a blessing in death is that it can so much life together.  And do pray you stay well.  And Enzo's hair is amazing.

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