some days are peaceful

his favorite place

some days are for pajamas and slippers.  they are for sitting (or standing) at his favorite desk.  maybe with his headphones on for a therapeutic listening program.  most likely with markers in hand and fresh white paper at the ready.  better yet if the sun is shining.

some days are for working through his fears calmly and with success.  they are for guiding him through a healthy routine.  maybe with smiles or laughter.  hopefully and prayerfully with smiles and laughter.

some days are peaceful.

his favorite place

but some days are chaotic and sad.  they are full of meltdowns and thrown toys.  maybe with screaming or hitting.  most likely with tears from all of us.

some days are exhausting and bring out the worst in my mothering.

today is one of those days.

his favorite place

but i can look back at these photos and remember the good.

i know there can be peace amidst the messy and difficult.  it is HARD to believe it some days.  i am praying for His comfort and wisdom while walking this path of special needs parenting.


Natalie said...

I admire you deeply! you set a great example of a young mother parenting with grace, elegance, and honesty. truly appreciate it.

lora said...

so sorry it's been a rough day, my friend. praying for you today. lora

Kojodesigns said...

praying for you sweet friend. I am having one of those 'not as great' mama days too! WHEW. not the easiest job, is it???

meg said...

praying for you today! may HIs grace be sufficient for you...and may tomorrow be a sweet, sunshiny, peaceful day. :)

Jleigh Ball said...

Hi. I know you don't "know" me, but I wanted to tall you that we have been there. I think we had close to a solid years with days like this. It's hard yes, but please know we are covering you all in prayer and HE will lead you through. If you need encouragement click my "autism" tag on my blog. Praying friend!


annaleahart said...

i am humbled by your kind words, natalie.  xoxo

annaleahart said...

thank you, lora dear.  all prayers gladly appreciated! :)

annaleahart said...

no it is not!  :)  hoping your day was redeemed in some way!  His mercies are new every morning, right? :)  praying for you too, lovely lady. xoxo

annaleahart said...

thank you, meg!  His grace is lavish and undeserved.  so thankful for that!  and today has begun sweet, sunshiny, and peaceful.  yay! :)

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