saturday evening post

can't peel her eyes away from the book

all i wanted was to take a little photo, but she couldn't peel her eyes away from the book.
another thing she has in common with her mama. 
i am honored to call her my mini-me.

do you like my clever title?
we studied norman rockwell in art last week.
it is one of my favorite homeschooling subjects.
i especially love how we integrate history, geography, and philosophy into our lessons.
the classical model is cool like that.

a bit anticlimactic, as i did not get as many photos taken today as i had hoped.
the remaining items will be up by monday.
but i do love these two hoops now available.

this piece was inspired by the amazing jennifer rothschild.  she spoke at hearts at home last march and truly spoke to my heart.  it was just dang good, folks.

and this piece was inspired by gia-bee.
she has high hopes indeed.
may you be both brave and a doer of great things, my daughter.

do you have plans for the superbowl?
it is my dad's favorite holiday, so we'll be eating and cheering on. . . whoever is playing that he likes.
i am clueless and totally okay with that. :)

i will be popping in tomorrow with a little special treat.
posting once over the weekend is uncommon. but twice?
oh boy.

also, "uncommon" is one of luca's favorite words.  that makes me smile.



Noelani said...

Oh my gosh, she is too cute :)

Rachel @ Shepherd's daughter said...

I am coveting that jennifer rothschild-inspired hoop. <3

annaleahart said...

there are several them in the shoppe just waiting for good homes. :)

annaleahart said...

i know! :)

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