ombre embroidered mobile

ombre embroidered mobile

life hasn't settled back into a regular routine yet, but we slept in our own beds last night and the final car-full of family drove away this morning.  (sniff, sniff.)  it was a whirlwind.  the services were beautiful.  saying goodbye is difficult and my heart is with our cousins.  

also, enzo was intensely curious about the holy water.  i ended up with wet feet.

ombre embroidered mobile

my first contribution for beautifully rooted, an ombre embroidered mobile, went up on friday afternoon while we were out of town.  you'll find it and my future posts in the create category where i'll be sharing handmade goodness.  i was wowed by the response from a few readers who have already made their own versions.  that makes my heart happy.



nicole i said...

sending you kisses from california.

Kayleenanicole said...

We bought our kids the Jesus Storybook Bible last fall. Such a good book! The kids love it, and it even helped me see some things from a different perspective. Love your mobile! What a unique yet simple idea.

cailan matthews said...

It's beautiful, Annalea.  Love the picture of it above your little girlie in her happy green room

annaleahart said...

thank you!  that one makes me smile! :)

annaleahart said...

thank you!  i so agree about the book - it is just wonderful!

annaleahart said...

received! xoxo

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