the greatest gift of 2011

 sabbath walk

oh man, i am just going to pop in here and say hello for a moment.  after taking almost a week off of daily and weekly tasks, combined with an already full, full, full month, i am bursting at the seams with catch up and to-dos.  last week was about jumping back in to homeschooling and meetings and scheduling while recovering from a sinus infection, as well as heading up the atmosphere team for our annual women's overnighter while caring for a 2yo with an ear infection.  it was a good and hard and achingly long week. 

and this week i have more meetings and scheduling and taxes, oh my.  i also might be swallowed alive by email.  

but yesterday was a brief break in the busy.  a needed day of rest spent with my favorite four people.  a slow morning and a low-key day.  a time to reflect on what He is teaching and a time to enjoy what He has given.  we started some seeds for the potager and walked to the library.  we played and read and talked.  we ate pizza during family movie night.  it was just wonderful.  

learning how to observe the sabbath was the greatest gift of 2011.  hands down.


Alicia @ La Famille said...

having crazy busy times makes us sooo appreciate those slower times, don't they?? enjoy them, sweet friend.

jeana said...

We are learning to observe the Sabbath as well. Hopefully this year we will do it weekly. I'm inspired by your posts, and so glad it's been such a blessing!

Jennifer said...

What a blessing.  God is good! I so enjoy reading Annalea. Thank you for sharing :)

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