etsy shoppe update (february pop up sale)

just a reminder that the mini pop up sale will go live this weekend.  in the shoppe this month you'll find,
  • lovely vintage fabric buntings
  • festive punched paper buntings
  • pretty floral barrettes
  • wordy and fab hoop art
  • and whatever else i can crank out

most of the items will be listed in the first few days.
no custom orders are available.

i am tired from but happy for this little side project.
now off to create a bit more. :)



nicole @ Deliajude said...

be blessed.

lora said...

so happy you're opening your shop again! :) can't wait to see what your hands have created. :) lora

annaleahart said...

thanks, lora.  it was fun to be working at it again, but i remember why i can't do it year long anymore.  pray for a fruitful month!

annaleahart said...

thank you, friend.  you as well.  it was good to read about your food victories and such today.  really wonderful!  i am slowly embarking on some changes too.

(oh, is the blog still loading slowly for you?  i made some changes that i hope will help.)

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