a day in the life of rachel

you are invited to spend a day in the life of her.
the gal who you might think has it all together.  the mama who seems to do it all. 
guess what?  she doesn't.

let's fight those lies.  this series is an effort to dispel the superwoman myth.  it is a time to be encouraged and a place to be challenged. 

i have invited some wonderful women who want to be real with y'all.  they want to share their struggles and triumphs.  they want to give you a true glimpse into their everyday.  it might not be glamorous, but it is real and beautiful.

  come walk a bit in the shoes of another.
please welcome rachel of no.17. . .

It always starts with a candle. Always.

The first thing I do, on any given morning, is light a candle.

It's a ritualistic act that I have been doing for years and in my mind, it signals the beginning of something new. A new day, a fresh scent, a warming glow and glorious start.

My day always starts with a candle and although I've never fancied burning money as a hobby of mine, in a sense, it is. I'm alright with this.

And so the day starts with all of the promise that each day holds but it is certainly up to me to find it. I begin to look everywhere but sometimes I'm slow moving. I should say that I'm quick to begin preparing meals and tidying up from whatever was left from the night before but slow at making room for the Lord in my day. My heart is slow to open but I find it begin when I look at my daughters, at the kitchen table. We say prayers and begin to eat. Their little minds working so much faster than mine and their little hands getting into everything, sharing everything, motioning for hugs, cups and laughter.

This is when I begin.
When we lace up our shoes and throw a hood over our ponytails, I find that the Lord is calling my name, even on a simple walk. Things I look at all the time-houses that are still the same color, trees swaying that were swaying the same the day before, all turn my gaze upwards, which is good because it's about that time each day. The time in the afternoon when I am the most tired, in need of a nap and on the edge of where I instruct but could easily cross over to anger. Those are the moments I flee outside and find the Lord in the outdoor air.

The day continues and snapshot after snapshot is quickly captured and sorted in the vault of my memory. A sweet moment where the girls are quietly sitting and playing. The dog snuggling with the cat (rare). The sun shining just perfectly threw the the kitchen curtains. Each small thing tugging at me and begging me to stop what I'm doing and stop only thinking about what needs to get done and actually bask in the Lords goodness, for even a second.

Sometimes I comply and sometimes I railroad straight over what I know I should do.


I'm a slow learner at times and I wish I could say that it was different but there are those days I listen and stop.

Those happen to be the days that end the best.

The most perfectly.

Like a glorious walk, after the rain.

The other days are good but never as rewarding.


oh rachel, i do long for more days where i listen and stop, rather than railroad straight over.  thank you for the reminder, friend.  your words are a continuous source of encouragement to me.

rachel is the editorial director of beautifully rooted and i am thrilled to have her as my day in the life guest during its launch week.  have you stopped by yet to check out the goodness?  it has been SO sweet.  what a joy to be surrounded by these women.


gracelaced said...

Rachel has a way with words, and I'm so thankful to meet have met her through B. Rooted. Thanks for featuring her, Annalea!

Kojodesigns said...

you know how much I love this series.
catching up.
glad we're friends. :)

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