we would like to visit the electric diner

we would like to visit the electric diner

have you seen the electric company?  the new series, that is.

we mega heart it here at casa hart.
you'll hear me singing "silent e is a ninja."  it is a sneaky song.
or maybe gia going on about her, "pocket full of h's."  she is not afraid to use them.
luca compares steak and shake to the electric diner, just "not as cool."
my littles even have formed a beat boxing club and enzo is pretty good. :)
oh it is fun stuff.

here are a few of my favorite clips.

and i catch myself singing this one too.
"we are kicking it."

yes, that is lin-manuel.  jesse and i are big fans.

the closest we come to a neighborhood hang-out these days is the cafe in the library lobby.
the opening photo is a sweet shot of luca and gia enjoying a sweet treat there.
do you think this could be a possible venue for performing their mad beat boxin' skills?
(cameron, could you get us booked?)



Gretchen said...

I had not seen the show before this, but I absolutely love it!!!

Janiene Bishop said...

My son and I sing silent e is a ninja too! We love that show :)

annaleahart said...

it is fantastic.  enjoy! :)

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