maintenant, j'adore. . .

jesse circa 98-99

jesse's hair.  it always looks so good a week or two after a cut.  when we met he had long unruly curls.  (here is where i decided to look for a photo and got crazy with my scanner.)   

the grey hairs on my head.  for real.  i have earned those babies.

jesse circa 98-99

my church home fellowship.  we had such a great talk tonight about why we choose to meet each week.  it brought back so many memories of years past and friends who are like family. 

home fellowship circa 1999

old photos.  enough said.

jesse circa 98-99

watercolor painting.  it was my absolute favorite medium growing up and i am falling for it all over again.  i am waiting for the paint and paper to dry right now so i can add one more coat before bed.

jesse circa 98-99

making lovelies for the etsy shoppe again.  yep, you read that right.  i am opening up a two week pop-up sale this weekend!!!  it was a last minute and quite spontaneous decision, but an altogether good one.  i am enjoying a project with no emotional ties attached.  more details to come.

also, i am ever so grateful my friend kelly used me as a subject in her photography class way back when.  don't you think my kiddos will love this when they grow up?

 me circa 1999


Droy500 said...

you are GORGEOUS!! yes they will LOVE!!  i do and you aren't my mom! LOL!! :))

Grant J. Clifford said...

Love all the old pictures!  That was such a fun time.  :)

annaleahart said...

i know!  it was truly a sweet season.

annaleahart said...

aw, thanks! :)

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