i stepped away. . .

 watercolors by the winter light

it wasn't a conscious decision, but somehow the week passed and i never came back to the blog.  
well, there was that two day long migraine.  along with some crazy work hours for my man.
and i am still getting used to the new early 2012 schedule.
i bought this huge white generic desk calendar to keep us organized.  it is working great.

we had our first real snow of the season.  it was like living in a snowglobe for a few days.
  i love it.  and in case you were wondering, i don't miss summer.  yet.

felt flower lampshade makeover
a project i will slowly be tackling in the coming months is a lampshade makeover.  this pin is my inspiration, but it will not be an exact copy.  oh making felt flowers in the free moments is incredibly fulfilling.

studio wall
i plan on being here this week though.
here, as on the blog, but also here, as in the above pictured here of my newly cleaned studio.
(did that make sense at all?)
a clear work table just wants to be used. 
in fact, i have a new day in the life of her guest for you on thursday and everything.  fun stuff!
there should also be a few more eleven in '11 posts (that would have gone up last week.)
we'll see.  i am still figuring out what my posting schedule for this winter/spring will look like.   

attic or therapy room?
also, our attic is turning into an occupational therapy fun room.
whatever it takes.

so was this post all over the place or what? :)

tell me, how was your week?  i truly want to know.


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