i CAN count to eleven

did you catch my mistakes?
the whole eleven in '11 idea kinda means listing eleven things.
not ten.
which is what i did in both round-ups from last night. :)

so i went back and added something to both.

for my "projects and parties" post i added the 2011 in 2011 challenge.
(ready for an update on that?)
so far, we have purged 1269 items .
the plan is to continue until we hit 2011 and then start over for a 2012 in 2012 challenge.
this is really really good for us.

as for an eleventh "moment with little harts", i picked this photo:


oh, that boy.
this used to be a daily occurence last spring and summer.
 but no longer.
which is why i take the time to document our stories in word and photo.


Cailanmatthew said...

precious. and yay for you! you awesome purger you! : )

Kirstin @ kojodesigns said...

hahaha. wouldn't have ever noticed.
love the round ups- and the purging. I need to get on that train. :)

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