hey there, 2012

hey there, 2012
today, i am offically back from vacation.
because this morning, jesse went back to work.

the christmas tree is still up, as well as all the trimmings.
i have worn pajamas about 75% of the last 2 weeks.
i have spent no more than 2 hours on the computer during that time.
i also may have read a dozen or so books.  i have a problem, i know.
i have not done laundry in over a week, which is pretty easy when everyone is wearing pjs 75% of the time.
and the no-laundry doing makes the reading-like-a-crazy-lady thing possible.
but i have been playing around with my new lens.  oh, she is sweet.

new toy!!!

i have no goals set or a word of the year picked.  i don't have my schedule revised or my house cleared up.
i just bought our 2012 calendar last night.  

but i had a most lovely and relaxing break with my four favorite people on this planet.
and we are all caught up on sleep.  which means a lot when we have been perpetually exhausted for over 6 months.  i'll have to share more about that later.

how are you?
did you celebrate all crazy like or keep it on the simple side, like our casa?
i've missed you, friends and am oh so thankful to welcome in another new year here on this blog.



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