christmas 2011

sleepy heads

sleepy heads taking their first look under the tree.  all of the sweet anticipation culminates to this morning.  the greatest Gift came in the form of a babe and we give in return.  our gifts are small, but full of love.  not rewards or entitlements.  just a way to celebrate the freely given and undeserved Love that came to earth.  that came to us.

fabric wrapped presents

gifts were carefully wrapped in fabric and ribbon.  the fraying scraps transformed into something magical under the glow of twinkling lights.

fabric wrapped presents
gifts from each other.  the secrets inside about to burst from little lips.
gifts from afar.  oh we miss them dearly.
gifts from us waiting for family to come later in the day.

i bought him knives
he was pretty pumped about these throwing knives.

her new locket
and a locket for the princessa.

pictures of mama and papi
with photos of mama and papi inside.  she gave each a kiss upon opening.

he loves this army guy
oh, he was a happy boy.

and this army jeep
really happy.

the surprise gift
an unexpected opportunity for a no-cost-to-us gaming system made this wii a huge surprise.  oh the look in luca's eyes!  we are not the parents who give things like this.

the traditional french toast casserole

loving the french toast
i might not have caught him opening anything with my camera - something about needing many hands available - but he was seriously focused on his french toast.

seriously serious.  "don't mess with my food, mama!"  his new bib is appropriate, right?

smile, annie!  caught by jesse while folding the fabric wrappings. 

on the phone with his mama
a son on the phone with his mama.  it was a gift in itself to hear their voices across the miles.

walnut cradle ornament
the cradle ornaments we made earlier in the month now have a tiny Jesus-bead inside.

sibling shot

sibling shot

sibling shot
styling siblings sporting their new pjs from cece and grandpa.

grandpa's boy
and oh was this one excited to see his favorite visitor.  the feeling is mutual.

gia and papi joke time
L O V E this capture.  gia is quite the comedienne when she has an audience.  who better than her papi?

last year it was a pygmy marmoset.  this year, two little hamsters.  a kiddo who adores snuggly soft animals.  they have been named stuart and despereaux.  :)

christmas nap

zoolander, perhaps?

end of the day snuggle

and the day ended with snuggle time on the couch.
 full hearts and full home, indeed.


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