blessings, not burdens

brothers (january 2012)
these were the last photos i took.  ten days ago.  
i think my photography habits reflect my attitude.  i have been letting the days drag me along and i'm not willing to engage in the moments.  i have been letting all the responsibilities feel like burdens rather than blessings.

i want to thank Him for each and every gift.  i am not entitled to anything, yet He gives so much.

sleepy head
therapy sessions for my boys are not demands on my time.
they are amazing resources available to our family.  the women who work with luca and enzo are gifted.  they are trained and they are training me.  this is a gift!

homeschooling my children does not infringe on my personal time.
it is a choice we have made.  it is my chief interest at this season of life.  of course i could spend the hours on my own work and projects.  but spending these days with them is how i primarily provide for my family.  what a gift!

sleepy head
that is not to say i will enjoy every moment.
(this post says it well.)
but i am called to be diligent and hard-working, regardless.

yes, i am tired.
fibromyalgia has been kicking my behind lately.  the pain and fatigue have been so intense and make me think and act selfishly.  hence the above reminders of what I given.  i also need to remind myself to take a break when needed.

finding the balance between work and rest is tough.
i want to work hard and rest well.

i want to give up any sense of improper entitlement and count it all as gift.

now off to practice that. . .



did you see ruth's new link-up?
i'm joining in for the first time.
Grace Laced Mondays

and today is heather's last life made lovely monday. what a great run! 
i'm linking up one last time.  :)


Ruth@gracelaced said...

My feelings exactly. What I lose in personal time I believe I gain in purpose.

Cailanmatthew said...

Blessings not burdens - such a good word for me.  I need this perspective.  So easy to lose sight, but sometimes I remember to think, What if these responsibilities were taken away? What if I was told I couldn't stay at home with my children? What if I couldn't play with and read to them?  What if it was not possible for me to cook and clean for my family?  Suddenly, I imagine these would be the only things I longed to do.  Thank you for sharing your heart.

Sarah {Handbags*N*Pigtails} said...

Finding joy in the journey can be really hard at times. Praying for you today!

Sally said...

It is so easy to take things for granted when it is very hard work.  I struggle with this too.
So sorry to hear you battle with fibromyalgia.  I read this post recently and wondered if it would be a helpful tip for you:
Your kids are beautiful!

annaleahart said...

"What I lose in personal time I believe I gain in purpose."  <------ LOVE this.

annaleahart said...

thank you for your prayers, sarah. :)

annaleahart said...

it is an important matter of perspective.  i pray you would see more clearly the blessings in your life, sally.  (and thank you for the link!)

annaleahart said...

what a powerful way of putting it.  thank you for sharing.

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