end o' week random (and happy birthday grandma!)

 yarn and doily wreath
  • last weekend's crafting was pinterest inspired.
  • also, the gal who made that wreath is super cool.  her blog is new to me and i am so with her on the thoughts of creating something out of nothing.  all of the materials for my wreath came from the stash.  crafting at its best, in my opinion.
  • did you catch ruth's and alicia's guest posts this week?  i am oh so thankful for those mamas.  joy forney (of grace full mama) and i also shared advent-y goodness at gracelaced.  we have more great guests coming next week, so stay tuned.
  • the count is up to 821 in my 2011 in 2011 challenge.  i am amazed that number changed at all, considering the week here at casita hart.  having a goal is key.
  • in related news, my monica closet now has a visible floor.
  • this floor will now be the workspace for the great dollhouse build.  we have 10 days to start and finish before the girlie turns five.  that's doable, right?  (don't tell me if you disagree.  i prefer to remain naive on the subject of this deadline.)
  • and last, but certainly not least . . . today is my grandma's birthday!  and i get to see her next week!  i snagged a pic of the two of us at thanksgiving.  it was a bit bright.  we were all squinty.  but it is a happy photo, nonetheless.
happy birthday, grandma!

happy birthday, grandma!


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