decluttering of all sorts

so, how does she look?
new blog look
with the absence of the sponsors and a desire for something simple and clean, we get this new streamlined one-column design.  i LOVE it.  i am just in a decluttering sort of mood.

my count is now at 600 in the 2011 in 2011 challenge, but i should admit that it is not very hard.  we have way too much stuff.  i donated 84 gift bags.  at least a dozen were from my wedding showers. TWELVE YEARS AGO.

i still need to work on the footer and figure out the setup down there.  any opinions?  i am open to suggestions.  but did you notice my new favicon.  i have a fascination with them.  probably because they are tiny.
tiny things are cool.

also, remember to enter the tea collection giveaway.
it closes sunday night, so don't delay now.

now it is time for a little date night at home with jesse.  thank you God.
captured by luca


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