advent snapshots (days 11-24)

it is time!  christmas eve is here!
we have had a quiet few days at home, without much hustle and bustle.  so nice.

2011 ornaments
the 2011 ornaments, made from treefort cuttings.  we give them to the littles tonight.

gingerbread house time
luca's gingerbread house
gingerbread houses were made last weekend.  the simple graham cracker and store-bought frosting kind. that was easy!  a definite repeat for next year.  the creations didn't last too long though. . .

goodbye gingerbread house
which makes the easy part, so much sweeter.  :)

winter pillows
stocking hung with care (and some nails)
enzo finally has his own stocking.  i know it took two years.  no judging, okay?

christmas cactus
advent calendar finished
the calendar was finished this morning.  a certain 6yo is so stickin' excited, he almost can't handle it.  no really.  he spends his time alternately giddy and sobbing.  waiting can be so hard.  he wants to give everyone their gifts.  and he wants to open his own, too.  but he is also struggling with the mixed messages that abound.  yesterday he asked to turn off a tv show because they kept saying giving gifts was the best part of christmas. 
mama, Jesus is the best part.  why don't they know that?
fabric wrapping (for her brother)
fabric wrapping (for his sister)
we went to fabric wrapping this year.  it was much more kiddo-friendly.  didn't they do a great job?

and tonight we light our last candle.
it is time!  christmas eve is here!


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