advent in the heart and home (guest post by Raising Arrows)

amy from raising arrows is here today to encourage us to share Christmas outside our families this advent season.

When you think of Christmas, you think of family.

It's just natural to think of opening gifts under the tree with all the children around, eyes bright with the wonderment of it all.

In fact, in years past, I've guarded our Christmas from anyone outside our immediate family with mama bear hostility. Christmas morning is MINE! We will NOT be doing anything this season that might inconvenience us and we will NOT be sharing our festivities with anyone but our immediate family.

Last year, that changed. Not only did we have my widowed mother stay with us for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, but we also spent Christmas celebrations with someone completely outside of our family...our landlord!
Yale, our landlord from many moves ago, became quite dear to us during the 3 years we lived in his rental next door to his own home. My children climbed in his trees, we planted a garden together, and he became like another grandparent to me and my crew.
Last year, upon realizing Yale was getting older and we would never be able to turn back the hands of time, we chose to step outside the comfort zone of Family-Only and bring Yale, who is like family, into our Christmas celebrations.
It was such a precious time of fellowship with him that evening and I realized I had the wrong attitude when it came to keeping my Christmas season calm and simple.
It's not about me. It's about sharing.
Jesus came to this earth so that we could share in the fellowship we missed out on after the Fall of mankind. Sharing this season with other believers truly is sharing as a family. And sharing this season with non-believers is a chance to share the gift that is Christ with those who need it most.
Certainly, we want to guard against the chaos that can ensue during this time of year, but we must stop seeing other people as outsiders and start seeing them as God sees them...
For God so loved the world.

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