in between the crazy

strike a pose

sometimes i just want to post a photo or two and leave it at that.  kind of a see-how-cute-my-girl-is-and-doesn't-it-make-you-feel-all-gushy type of post.

and then sometimes i just can't.  sometimes i need to have a these-photos-are-cute-but-they-are-mere-minutes-in-a-crazy-life.  did you get that?  these snapshots of sweetness are just moments.

strike a pose

our life is feeling so crazy.  very little feels ordinary about it right now.  except that i still get to take photos of the gia-bee before dance class.  and sometimes the little brother joins in.

so here is to finding the beauty in the ordinary moments that exist in between the crazy.

strike a pose

also, i crocheted my first cowl. somewhat unsuccessfully, until i decided it fit her just right.  my sister will be receiving something else for christmas.


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