2011 in 2011 challenge and one little change

about a week and half ago i had the brilliant and simultaneously harebrained idea to rid our home of 2011 items before the end of 2011.  yep.

this was brilliant because i work well under pressure and with short-term goals.  and brilliant because my schedule right now allows time for purging.  also brilliant because i am motivated.  there's nothing like the prospect of being indoors with three children during a long illinois winter to make you want get rid of clutter.  tell me you understand.  

there's also the inevitable increase of gifted goods that come with generous family during the holidays.  i have learned, my friends, i have learned.

it has been an excellent way to clear the way for advent.  our family can focus on what we have and what we need, what we have been given and what we can give. 

since last tuesday, we have donated, returned, recycled or tossed four hundred and eighty seven items.


pretty good, right?

now the harebrained part comes in when i realize there are only 32 days left in the year.  but the numbers add up surprisingly quick, especially since we have decided no more yard sales for the hart clan.  too much work and too little pay-out.  

now just 1524 to go. . .


were you around during the first part of this year, when i set up the one little change series?  well, it bugged me to not follow through with that.  the thing was i wasn't making little changes.  in fact, i was either making big sweeping ones or holding on to the rest of life by my fingertips.  the storm that was 2011 swept away so many plans.  that's okay.  in fact, living with a chronic illness has prepared me well for swept away plans.  God has others.

but i really love the idea behind little changes.  baby steps.  recently, i have been up for considering a few new changes.  the kind that only take an initial decision and effort - the pruning sort, rather than the habit forming sort.

one of them that will be quite noticeable come thursday?  no more lovely blog sponsors in the sidebar.  in the pursuit of scaling back non-essentials, this was an good choice for the immediate future.

tell me, do you have any end of the year goals?
are you (still) making any little changes?


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