wednesday mash-up

 today i am over at naptime diaries sharing some thoughts on choosing the good portion.  i think you might like it.  but beware i went a bit overboard on the pruning analogy. :)


for over six years, jesse and i lived in normal, illinois.  our oldest babes were born there.  best friends were made there.  we helped plant a church there.  we became homeowners for the first time there.  it has a forever special place in our hearts

this video is a neat little look at the town we used to call home.


how adorable is that lady?
also, when we lived in normal, we drove a mitzubishi.  true story.


it occurred to me - i didn't mention that we bought a new laptop!  the old one finally called it quits last week.  this one is very basic, but it works.  i am so thankful.  the uploading/emailing/editing/blogging/computering stuff is all so much faster.  what a difference in how much i can accomplish during those tiny amounts of available time.

have a lovely one, friends!


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