not gonna lie

i am super duper unsure about the next 24 hours.
will my 6yo with anxiety issues be able to handle the coming day and night of spookiness?

this entire month has been one long walk on pins and needles.  the poor kid can't walk into a store without asking us to scope out the aisles for possible halloween scares.  we don't drive down unknown streets if we can help it, because a house or three might have frightening decorations.  we've avoided public gatherings if costumes may be worn.  little sister's dance class is even a bit nerve wracking with that paper witch and ghost haunting the lobby.  


we are hoping for some light trick and treating in the immediate neighborhood tomorrow, but we are also mentally prepared to stay home if needed.

i know this is not end of the world serious.
i know many people - maybe you - don't even celebrate halloween.

but we do.
we enjoy making costumes and carving pumpkins and handing out sweets and walking the streets with a group of friends on a cool autumn night.

it used to fun and games.  now, it is something. . . different.

now it is something to make this mama pray for patience and compassion.
i'll wear a smile, because it is a gift i can offer his tender heart.
mama smiles and brother hugs make him feel better.

 i just want my sweet boy to not be so scared.
that's all.


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