gia's new space

welcome to a very girlie bedroom . . .

welcome to gia's all-girlie room

after three years of sharing with big brother, the gia-bee now has a room all to herself.  she is pretty smitten.  so am i. 

we expected to move all three littles in the same room this fall/winter, but it became clear that giving luca more space while we sort out the spd was a better idea.  they each have a place to get away during the day, which is important when everyone is home together so often.  we fully took advantage of this unplanned for arrangement and went completely girlie in this room.  

i could say the challenge was spending zero money on the switch, but i really enjoy that kind of project.  the find-and-make-do kind, that is.  the real challenge was finding/making the time for the project.  time is one precious commodity 'round here.  we spent one full day over labor day weekend swapping out belongings and decor.  for the last few weeks i tweaked little spots when possible.

here is what the room looked like as enzo's nursery.
 and for the big reveal. . .  

the all-girlie room

under the north windows

dance, dance

dance, dance

dollies need to eat and sleep

the dollie bed

the princess bed

the tent was a goodwill find from last spring and was used in the backyard over the summer.  now it turns the daybed into a true princess bed.  gia's bed is currently one of our favorite places in the house.

her princess dollie (and the pillow pet)

floral explosion

to be honest, these pillows are not sewn up yet, nor is the duvet cover.  things are mostly folded and tucked.  it works for now.  :)

ribbons and bells mobile

i made gia this mobile while she was still in mah belly.  here is another sweet shot of gia's nursery at our old house.

the west wall

do you like the chippy white look on this bookshelf?  it's called "i never finished stripping the paint 5 years ago."  let's pretend it is intentional.

thrifted tea set

horsies and a dalmation

gypsy girl and friends

buon giorno principessa

costumes at the ready

easy access to costumes = best idea ever

books and barbies

her girlie collage

a girlie dresser

we swapped out the drawer knobs to up the girlie factor.
these pale pink glass ones made gia oh-so-happy.

dresser dollies

dresser top collection

a dresser top collection of the more fragile and special variety.  i put it on this tray for easy out of the room removal in case these kiddos get rowdy.  no sense in stressing about the breakables during sword fights or ninja battles - even in a girlie room, they are bound to happen.  (jesse used my felt rose tutorial to make gia's valentine gift a couple years ago.  so precious!)

truth in the girlie room

me in the girlie room

i spy one tired mama. :)


t-rex goes glam

in anticipation of your questions. . .
the wall color is kiwi by benjamin moore.
the curtains are from ikea in 2009.
dresser, bed, and bookshelf are hand-me-downs.
the bedding is made from vintage thrifted sheets.
the doll bed story is here.
the highchair is by melissa and doug.
the gypsy girl print is one of favorite renoir paintings.
the embroidered calender is anthropologie (maybe 2006?)
the buon giorno principessa story is here.

did i miss anything?

can i sleep here?

thanks for visiting gia's very girlie bedroom!


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