a few things to love about the bestest season

thankful banner 
i found some medicine for that gloominess.
or it found me when i remembered that tomorrow is the first day of fall.

"I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel soooooooo bad."

autumn is the bestest!
just think of all the wonderful to come in the months ahead. . .

guess that color 
harvesting the rest of the potager 
(a look at last year's carrot color fun

the illini life fall retreat!!!
(photo flashback to 2006)

recipe for a fall afternoon
lots of outdoor learning.
(here's my recipe for a fall afternoon)

quick and easy tutu

 costume making
(like this quick and easy tutu)

trick or treat

costume wearing
(we almost missed last year's trick or treating when the sickies hit our family)

time flies

and this little one is turning two!
(remember his tiny party?)

there are also trips to the orchard, decorating with pumpkins and apples, baking pies, making soup, bonfires in the backyard, and so much more!
i think it may be time to make an autumn list!


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