a day in the life of brooke

you are invited to spend a day in the life of her.

the gal who you might think has it all together.  the mama who seems to do it all. 
guess what?  she doesn't.

let's fight those lies.  this new series is an effort to dispel the superwoman myth.  it is a time to be encouraged and a place to be challenged. 

i have invited some wonderful women who want to be real with y'all.  they want to share their struggles and triumphs.  they want to give you a true glimpse into their everyday.  it might not be glamorous, but it is real and beautiful.

  come walk a bit in the shoes of another.

meet brooke of pure and noble. . . 

Oh my gosh. Seriously I can’t believe I’m about to bore all of sweet Annalea’s readers with the ins and outs of my day. I absolutely love this series and the sneek peak into other mommies’ daily activities. It’s so good to see that lives are real, blogs represent the smallest part of us and I’m not alone in the grind.
I’m a mommy of two amazing boys - Jude is 6 and Liam is 3, wife to one stellar photographer whose office is at home and part-time seamstress/crafter. My days are mostly filled with laughter, teachable moments, chores and friends. When trouble comes there are time-outs and consequences for our actions. But when there’s praise, it’s big. I’m a firm believer in building others up. All of that being said, here’s how that plays out in a day...

6:30 am - hit snooze at least 3 times (I’d hit it more if I weren’t so  afraid of my husband hitting me right out of the bed!)
6:45 am - wash my face and brush my teeth (riveting right? but to be honest, I sometimes forget the teeth brushing part - don’t judge...it’s rare, but it happens)

6:55 am - make my morning cup of liquid gold. the beans must be freshly ground and I love a hint of vanilla via cream, never beans. If the hubs feels extra sweet and motivated, he’s up before me reading his bible and french press coffee has been made. YUM!
7:00 am - make lunches for my boys and get breakfast going

7:35 am - walk my oldest to school. We are fortunate enough to live only a few blocks from our neighborhood school. I love this. It creates such a wonderful sense of community. I see at least 5 other moms I know and get to start my day with crisp air and lots of smiles. This makes me very happy.

8:00ish - My youngest and I are back home and ready to start our day. He goes to pre-school two days a week now so I try to make the most of our time together with morning walks, playdates or just playing around the house. This is when the day finally starts to slow down to a speed I actually enjoy.

10:00ish am - It’s time for errands (Target runs) and/or household chores. Dishes and laundry are daily occurances around these parts. I have a 6 year old who feels the need to change 10 times a day and a husband who runs almost everyday. I do loads of laundry - no pun intended. I also make my bed everyday. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. 

11:30/12:00 - time to tackle lunch and nap time. While lunch runs pretty smooth most days, naps are a different story. My youngest is three and ready to drop his naps entirely. So on the days he doesn’t nap he has rest time. This usually involves books, leapster games, coloring or watching a show.

12:00 ish - Once my little is all settled I make a dash to my “office”. This is my time to check emails and sew or craft. Honestly, I can all too easily get sucked into blog world and be a watcher of others instead of a doer. This puts me in a rapid tailspin of comparison and joy-suck. So, I try to limit my time on the computer and actually DO things that I’ve been inspired to do. (Tuesdays and Thursdays, when my youngest is at school, I spend the entire day sewing, crafting or hitting estate sales.)
2:00ish pm - My youngest and I get ready to pick my oldest up from school.

3:00 pm - home again, home again, jiggity-jig, sitting at the kitchen table having a snack, doing homework and talking about our day. I love hearing silly school stories. The other day my son told my he learned all about the eye - you know, “pubis and ret...ret...what’s it called?” Oh...pupils and retinas. Got it. Whew, life with littles is a complete adventure.

3:30 - 5:00 - is all about play time. I’m so grateful for the break from Texas heat that lately we’ve been spending time outside. The boys ride their scooters, play basketball or soccer, wrestle, play ninjas and other boy activities. (I also try to give my oldest some downtime after a long day of school.) I dart in and out of their fun while trying to wrap up laundry, dishes, dusting and other “fun stuff”. I also try to utilize this time for biblestudy. I want my boys to see me studying God’s word - learning and growing in Christ.
5:00ish - FREAK OUT! Oh crap, it’s time for dinner and I have zero idea what to cook. I don’t like cooking. It is not a strength of mine. I’m not a bad cook, but I do get stuck in ruts...same old things week after week. Since we are trying to eat less processed foods, I have ruined more dinners than I care to admit. Praise God I have a gracious husband that keeps reminding me, “you have to break a few eggs to make an ommlet.”

5:30/6:00ish - dinner is served - I love dinner with my family. We like to do highs and lows while we eat. Everyone shares their high of the day and their low. While eating and sharing my husband and I battle the boys over how much they have to eat in order to get a treat. I know. I know. We are trying to implement new rules here as we teach them about healthy foods and why our bodies need them.
6:30ish - The boys’ stinky bodies are marched off to the bathroom for baths or showers (depending on how much time we have).

7:00 - 7:30 pm - teeth are brushed, pajamas are on and a story is picked out for us to read. (Bedtime is a tag-team event for me and the hubs. He does the baths and teeth brushing while I clean the kitchen and get their beds ready, then we meet up for storytime.) Stories are read, twinkle twinkle little star is sung (every night without fail) and prayers are said. Then it’s lights out, nightlight on, sound machine on and music played. I know, my boys are highly energy dependant. It’s pathetic, but it is what I’ve created.
8:00 pm - Honestly, every night of the week is a bit different for us because of our involvement with our church. We only have a few nights each week where we are home together. Sometimes we turn on the TV for a documentary or American Pickers, but most of the time we chat or read.
8:15 pm - interuption (if my youngest has napped) “I need more water.”
8:30 pm - interuption (yes, again) “There’s something weird in my bed.”
8:40 pm - another interuption! - “Mom, what are you guys doing? Can I have a kiss and a hug?”
10:30 pm - It’s bedtime for me - the hubs comes in much later. After my night-time ritual I crawl into bed and read my bible. I can’t go to sleep without it. My brain just won’t turn off. After about 30 minutes, lights are turned off and I’m off to dreamland. Ahhhh... finally. xo

Thanks so much Annalea for including me in your amazing line-up of ladies. They are all so inspirational.

thank you, brooke, for a simple, honest look at your life.  i think sharing the normal is important.  we need to be faithful with the everyday gifts.



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