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bolig liv feature
a major eeeek! moment, folks.

i mentioned back in june that a DIY project of mine was to be in a real print magazine.  seriously.  completely unexpected and way fun.  the september issue of bolig liv (translated: residential life) arrived this week.  all glossy like.  so pretty.  with a sweet note of thanks inside.

i was raised on pretty shelter magazines - victoria, country living, cottage living, domino.  before design sites, blogs, pinterest, houzz, and what have you, print magazines were our steady source of inspiration.  there is still something so satisfying about holding one in my hands. 

to be honest, over the last couple years i had this growing desire to be in a magazine.  it felt kinda silly.  seriously?  why?  how?  really?  not super likely. not something to pursue.

weird for it to be a reality.  yeah, this is a definite highlight.  thanks, bolig liv!

bolig liv feature

so how does one go about getting a lil' danish translated? 

you ask facebook and twitter for help, of course.  i had several generous offers and thanks to my college roomie, lizzie, i was hooked up with a danish speaker willing to translate. 

here's what our translator came up with. . .

article title:
Wild with Garlands

blurb with my photo:
If you're decorating a room for party, then grab scissors, paper and a sewing machine, and let a star filled sky take shape.  The idea comes from Annalea Hart's beautiful blog. There you'll see a nice mixture of American family life spiced with loads of DIY projects.

they're making me blush.

if you have access to the magazine, check it out.  or just enjoy browsing their site.  i am a huge fan of danish style.  (i mean, have you ever seen rice?)  which made this all the sweeter.

okay, thanks for letting me gush a bit.  and for celebrating this small thing with you.



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