today's conversation with luca

(as closely as i can remember it. . .)

ten on ten (july 2011)

mama:  so, sweetie, how do you feel about the questions the doctor was asking today?

luca:  i don't know.

mama:  that's okay.  did you hear what he was telling mama and papi?

luca:  not really. i was looking at the puzzle.

mama:  well, he was helping us understand that your brain works a little different.  he told us you have something called sensory processing disorder.  we can also call it spd.

luca:  oh.

mama:  there is nothing bad about having spd.  you were born that way.  it's kinda like you have super powers.  your senses -the way you hear, touch, and taste things - are soooo strong.  but sometimes they are too strong and they your brain gets confused and it hurts, like on your hard days.  when you have the hard days, we don't know enough about spd and how to help you.  the doctor is going to help.  we'll also meet some new people soon who will teach us more.  we are going to learn about this together.

luca:  that's good.

mama:  but if you have any questions before that, just ask and we will try to explain more, okay?

luca:  okay.  can i play on papi's iphone, now?

mama:  um, yeah, if he says yes.  i love you, bud.

luca:  love you too, mama.


if i didn't think he would flip out over it, i would have given him one giant hug right then. : )

we are entering unfamiliar territory as parents to a special needs child.  he is still the same luca, so that kinda seems weird.  but getting a diagnosis makes it feel different.  at least for this mama.

i am thankful to be one step closer to getting the support we desperately need.


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