bright and shiny

bright and shiny

my girl adores her new hello kitty sparkle shoes.
in her own words, "they're gorgeous."

gia has worn these shoes this week and even tries to sneak them on at bedtime.  they match everything, in her opinion.  but there is one catch to the constant wearing of this gorgeousness.  they give her blisters.  they're so new, haven't been broken in yet and her tiny tender feet miss those comfy sandals of the last few months.  gia knows her new favorites will pinch a bit and she still wants to wear them everyday.  the newness is so bright and shiny.

this is a full week (month) for the hart clan.  F.U.L.L.  maybe the busiest i have been all year, in fact.  and although i alternate between efficiently checking the to-dos off the list and crawling under my covers to hide from it all, it helps that the fullness is bright and shiny.  the newness of the fullness is attractive to me.  even though it pinches, i can still enjoy it.

gia's shoes will lose some of their sparkle and she might miss the newness.  but comfort comes with the scuffs.  the blisters will get to heal.

two more days and i might just get a little breathing room.  the newness will wear off and i am looking forward to the comfort of the familiar.  august has been a long and hard month.  for reals.

right now, i will find beauty in the bright and shiny and new.
even if i am oh-so-tired.

dance class begins
gia started a new dance class today.
there are many beginnings in this fullness.


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