a tired fifth of july (vlog)

so here is my first vlog.
not too exciting.
and not too long.

just a short shot of me saying hi. because it is kinda nice to actually hear someone saying it, right?

things to note:

when i say "too tired to type", i mean too tired to think of what to type, write it in some sort of interesting way and accompany it with some good photos.  that is usually refreshing to me.  tonight it would have been exhausting.  this is a tough fibro week, folks.

i meant to say "i thought it would be fun" - not funny. it bothers me that i used the wrong word.

it surprises me i sound that coherent.  because i just really am that tired.  but maybe you don't think i sounds coherent.  and that is okay.

ooh, and i wish i had asked how you are doing?  so. . .
"how are you doing on this fifth of july?"

also, the cucumber was yummy.

and so was gia's little before dinner prayer:

"thank you God for all this meal and all this day and all this land. amen."



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