staycation fort to the rescue

operation staycation fort

this year's staycation fort has seen more use than expected.  that's what happens when the mama and the papi both come down with a stomach bug.  um, yeah, not so fun.  but if your going to be sick, you might as well be resting in a super cool fort made with your favorite vintage sheets and lit by christmas lights, right?

taking a quick run to the library for books and dvds helps, too.  playing lots of 20 questions and i spy is also pretty entertaining.  (you can count on gia to ask something like "is it my little toe?" every couple minutes.  adorable.)  trying to get these two to fall asleep can be tricky though.  (yes, we are all camping out up here.)

we seem to be on the mend and (hopefully) staycation plans will resume tomorrow. the 2011 tour of treats must continue!  (more on that later.)

operation staycation fort


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